Lighten Up Sounds

VALES – ‘Surface’ C28
valesCrisp and coarse sandpaper sonics conjured from exceedingly harsh and precise synthesizer dominance. No nonsense electronics and concentrated seethe styles. Honed to fine edge, slicing with pure display of focused power. Vales is the solo outlet of David Doyen, now providing some of his harshest work to date, opting for maliciously deliberate full on drill-churn maneuvers. Light the pyre and fry the friar. Real time duplicated clear shell Type II Chrome cassette comes with hand numbered double sided cardstock J-card featuring original vortex collage artwork by M.H. w/ matching plum labels in a clear Norelco case. Shifting currents and walls of pristine ferocity. No arpeggios, guaranteed.

SASHASH ULZ – ‘Hibernation’ C32
UlztapeTwo sides of twisted sonic canopy for sweet, sweet solitude. Lucid tape loop hypothesis from Sashash Ulz of Russia, zone deep and lose self in the ultimate circular dissolve. After a furious swarm of releases on such stalwart labels as Digitalis, Goaty, and Hooker Vision, we at Lighten Up are proud to present this newest expanse of mind-numbing audio dreg. Using a series of multiple tape loops played simultaneously through multiple tape machines, providing fresh nitro glycerine boom-box wobble for complete brain melt. Swollen neanderthal perpetual! Real time duplicated black shell Type II chrome cassette with kush green labels comes packaged with matching full color double sided card stock J-card featuring blazed original collage artwork by M.H. in a clear Norelco case. Blissful garble-trance supreme for proud social rejects, true abandonment. Hypnotic warp mode ala crude analog voyeurism, as it should be.

MOLE HOLE – ‘The Horrors of Dentistry’ C24
HorrorsEverything crumbles and slowly dissolves. A potent dose of harsh cure all murk medicine, using anti-records and prepared phonograph machine with damaged 16mm film loops and projector. All thumbs oral surgeon provides crude feedback manhandling for satisfying root canal. Recorded live directly to cassette, low-fi and loud! Real time duplicated clear shell tape with double sided dental x-ray labels comes packaged in a sealed 4” x 6” brown paper envelope with wrap around paste-on artwork featuring grim black and white tooth portrait. Hand-numbered edition of only 6 copies. Fully thrashed dental terror. Sorry, we’re all out of anaesthetic.


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