Out of Sound Records

Bleet/Wild Domestic/WTCHS/I Smell Blood split 7″
Out of Sound Records prides itself in the physical medium. As part of our ongoing split seven inch PIE-Series we’re proud to announce the release of our second split, this time featuring a heavy assault of instrumental post-rock and lo-fi punk: Bleet: Three-piece instrumental rock for stoned metal heads and video game nerds. Wild Domestic: taking the torch from double drumming progressive acts and adding a slurry of surf/post-jam riffs. WTCHS: straight out of the basement, concrete walls and tape hiss…. Gaining loads of attention via their PERDU imprint. I Smell Blood: London, Ontario’s heaviest band…. two-piece immaturity. Please Check it Out and let everyone know what you think. We should mention that this record was silkscreened by the Arctic based, Inuit Silkscreen program run by the Out of Sound Rezonance Program (see below for more information on our Outreach Inititatives).


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