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[enrcmp18] V/A – ‘100 Years of Noise – Public Domain Celebration Release
enrcmp18 Compilation celebrating the 100th anniversary of ‘L´Arte dei Rumori’, the first artistic manifesto concerning noise music. It was written by Luigi Russolo, an Italian futurist painter and composer, who was interested in classifying all the new sounds that were coming out from the machines at the time. The tracks on this compilation are not about white noise, they cover all spectrum of experimental sounds: music concréte, electro acoustic, free jazz, circuit bending, field recordings, etc. This compilation was released on January 1st, the Public Domain Day under creative commons public domain license. A more extended release with additional information will be available in the following.


[enrmp318] M-PeX & Makrox – ‘Volutka’
Album by Portuguese project M-PeX in collaboration with DJ Makrox. Mixing Portuguese guitar with electronics, jazz and hiphop elements. World music at it’s best.


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