Anonymous Dog Tapes and Records

Nathan Ventura – ‘Asshole With A Clarinet’ $11
Asshole“Asshole With A Clarinet” by Nathan Ventura is the first vinyl release by the new label Anonymous Dog Tapes and Records. It features 15 tracks of outsider folk and jazz-punk composed into a structured madness. Side 1 of this record features eight tracks of clarinet, drums and vocals. The songs range from repetitive driving riffs with harsh lyrics about quitting your job and moving in with your mom to chaotic, melodic insanity, as well as everything in between. Side two features seven tracks of utterly odd folk songs; some with a predominantly metal and industrial air, and others with a desperate element devoid of shame that may very well endear or disgust listeners. This is Nathan’s first official release. He is a studio artist from Boston, Ma, rarely making live appearances. issue of 300 copies.


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