lsssmallYet another nail in the coffin of free expression as SLUMP continues to be held hostage by history, keyboards, abandoned driving ranges and family cars. Slovenly, aimless and limping down long country lanes. Two dogs fighting in a waterlogged pub car park, a garden centre at midnight with ghosts and the shimmering hologram of a clock – this is what Tremble! sounds like. Kneeless in Tunstall, crying at the foot of some busted civic fountain, collapsing in underground markets, browsing the graphics of a school computer. You are now involved with SLUMP. Limited Edition of 23 tapes in large cases. Rodent birth-artwork, and coloured “spiritualist” on-shell stickers.

rejetsmallReining in the spirit of crippled where lock, REJET divided, EKUNHAASHAASTAACK derided. Now based in the rural idyl, but soon to be exhaled to the wooden peaks of southern nation, they create dense, unfettered expressions of detached (only notional), insipid foolheartedliness. Embark with me upon journeys over crumbled electronic sound swamps, visiting voodoo queens and watching spirals unravel in the orange glow… Thunder feet echo in the brittle serenity of the eternal corridor and relinquishment of sanity/measurable income instantly becomes inevitable and infeasible. Sinking? I’d rather! Edition of blerty-blive. Coloured nothing.

duncansmallI’ve got a bad back typing this one. 2013, 2013, 2013. Where to start? WHERE TO START? Where. Tooth. Start. The new becoming – an, orthodox, post-apocalyptic prison? Move along January, get out of bed. Or at least roll over and let Chepping Wycombe’s finest have a bit of the scroon blanket. Buckinghamshire’s most celebrated marimba pest has given us some stuff to release. We’ve put old pictures of Cheshire (Chester in the 70’s in fact) and some bears on the artwork like we usually do. Nothing new here. It’s like 2012 again isn’t it? An eternally recurring Congleton quagmire. Who cares. OGRE NEON is undoubtedly Duncan Harrison’s greatest work to date, a demanding and omnipotent tribute to the Bear Gods of East Cheshire probably. OGRE NEON contains over 50 minutes of fizzog-burning (imagine that), meditative, multi-faceted mush rattle – a non-assault on noise? The final negation of a pre-determined (un)ending? Pipe down, pseudo-Hegelian, this wasn’t what we were thinking to be honest, like. High Wycombe’s furniture producing legacy totally destroyed – by one CDR. Inappropriate. Absolute truth. Don’t go yet – each CDR comes with an informative, diary-style insert and a rather wonderful poem by a Mr. I. Murphy. Edition of 35.4.


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