Watery Starve

Aloonaluna – ‘Mythologies’
Aloonaluna crafts slow-motion drone-pop, which tends to be simultaneously dark, blissful and at times awkward. With Mythologies in particular, Lynn Fister takes wintry, nocturnal photographs with long apertures. The result is blurry movement in a still frame. Dichotomies of nature/machine, human/alien, harmony/cacophony and construction/destruction are questioned. Christopher Fleeger contributes Amazonian field recordings to two tracks: “Mythology Aluoatta No. 1” and “Pelican Cannot Frog.” Quite the layer cake—these dozen eggs amalgamate both a pastoral and urban fantasy where insects/howler monkeys/frogs sound like machines and vice versa. “Seasons Like Goddess” is an ode to the one Rachel Evans (MSOTT), and many other muses are buried deep in these offerings. White chrome tape. Color art with unique collage work on each. Edition of 75.


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