Truco Espárrago

Irísono – ‘Cilindros de cera @ Trendelenburg 2.3.’ CDr
R-4087357-1355223696-7534hhhhhIrísono is the one-man project of musician Javier Iriso (Spain). “Cilindros de cera @ Trendelenburg 2.3.” includes the live performance of his previous album “Cilindros de Cera” (wax cylinders), which is enriched by rhythm and the new ramdom approach of live performances. Elegant and mysterious electronic music, rhythmic and rich, in which suddenly emerge old Hungarian Peasant Songs, in a lively and evocative contrast. For lovers of experimental noise, the album includes a bonus track with a live performance under the Queer Toys moniker in the forest of Boñar, with Iriso squeezing his little electronic instruments without any processing or editing. “Cilindros de cera @ Trendelenburg 2.3.” comes in a professional CDr digipack with 7 tracks and 69 minutes of music, in a limited edition of 60 copies. Cover artwork by the photographer Traci Lynn Matlock. You can get the album for 6 euros plus postage through the label Truco Espárrago.


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