Teflon Beast

Year of the Lips – ‘Cannon Street Road’s Feedback Rituals’ CS $5
TBR’s newest release is a collection of music composed and performed by Gab Marras (aka Year of the Lips) called Cannon Street Road’s Feedback Rituals. The eight pieces of music on the album represent several years’ worth of recordings by Mr. Marras. Sonically, the guitars (and harmonium!) used on this album of noise wrangling squeal, jangle, and take the listener on a journey. Marras is based in East London and primarily works as a visual artist. He says he produces music, “…out of a desire to soundtrack some of the visual art I produce, as well as soundtracking mine and others’ lives as they happen without much notice, and without being noticed much. I’m interested in a variety of approaches when it comes to working with sound, not necessarily ‘musical’ ones.” Turn on this album of exploratory tonalities and see if you aren’t changed afterwards as a listener.


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