Robert & Leopold

Anla Courtis & Richard Francis – ‘Aucklantida’ C40 $8(USA)/$10(World)
Edition of 50.  Since the mid-90′s, Argentinian composer Anla Courtis has found an uncomfortable nest within his strange and abstract music.  Meanwhile on the opposite side of the planet, Richard Francis has been establishing himself within his outpost in New Zealand as a sage of ambient drone waveforms.  When both of these minds melded across the Pacific, the following documentation was born.  Studied and paced drone textured without any caution using cut-ups, modular electronics and bent instrumentation.

Stone Baby – ‘Debris’ C20 $8(USA)/$10(World)
Edition of 50. Distorted ambient death rattles by upstate NY artists Cory E. Card and Jen Marquart wraps up another perfect release in Debris.  Blistering drones that contradict itself, layered shards of voice and tape wrapped up in a tangled fray.  Known to many from their adventures on Carbon, House of Alchemy and Peasant Majik, this newest release portrays the band as more jagged and referential that previously displayed…both sides forming a perfect union of medium and host.

Kösmonaut – ‘Geist’ C46 $8(USA)/$10(World)
Edition of 50. Vintage sequence of celestial proportions in the new cassette by Patrick Park under Kösmonaut.  Drawing influences from the likes of Cluster, Heldon / Pinhas and Ashra Temple, this project delivers electronic krautrock style unmatched in our cosmos, hatching a galactic egg of supersonic progressive energy.


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