MAJOR STARS – ‘Decibels Of Gratitude’ CD
What to say about a band who continuously claims Otis Rush and Buddy Guy as it’s primary influences, but usually finds their records filed in the “noise/experimental” bin? Any mention of Major Stars tends to send some scurrying for the most obscure psychedelic references, but one need look no further than the Who or Cream to find the primary ingredients of melodic songwriting combined with an over-the-top instrumental assault.

FOLKE RABE – ‘What??’ CD
What?? is a focused and grounding work produced by Swedish composer Folke Rabe in 1967. From his interest in sound phenomena and harmonics Rabe was able to make one of the most deep, moving pieces of sustained sound generated in this formative era of minimalist electronic composition. Initially reissued on Dexter’s Cigar in 1997 and now available on Important with expanded packaging including archival materials furnished by the composer. Amplified infinity.

First 200 mailorder copies on purple vinyl. Please be sure to select the purple vinyl option when purchasing.Master Musicians Of Bukkake’s newest record and part of a Northwest trilogy, Totem One marks an evolution from their first record “Visible Sign Of the Invisible order.” MMOB has now solidified into a 7 piece cosmic psyche force.


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