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RZDZ # 20 – Palix/Benjamin L. Aman – ‘Transports’ CDr 8€/$11
Recent collaboration between Paris based laptop composer Palix and Benjamin L. Aman, visual and sound artist born in France. These two artists started working together at The Living Currency a performative exhibition curated by CAC Bretigny, conducted by Palix for 6th Berlin BIennale in 2010 at HAU 2 and dedicated to a group interpretation of several pieces from Christian Wolff, Scratch Orchestra’ members and Cornelius Cardew. Then, both musicians kept collaborating on their own work, sharing the same interest for visual compositions and invisible travels. Transports is a 40 minutes live set recorded at 64 in Paris on january 15th, 2012. The piece explores sonic as well as mental borders between minimalistic patterns, musique concrete and analog electronics. Co-founder in early 80′ of Radio Nova, Palix has also collaborated since early 80′ with numerous dance choreographers, film makers and musicians like Bruce Russell, Jean François Pauvros, David Coulter… His film works have been shown worldwide in film festivals ((Rotterdam International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival …) and galleries (Galerie In Situ/Fabienne Leclerc, Galerie Michel Journiac in Paris). Since 2005, Benjamin Aman has been showing his work in galleries and museums, playing in numerous festivals, concerts, releasing his music on label such as Recordings for the Summer, No-fi, Ruralfaune… Collaboraton with Jason Honea, Leif Elggren, Michael Barthel… Transports is edited on white CDR in a limited run of 50 copies, presented in a white enveloppe, numbered and stamped.


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