MY CAT IS AN ALIEN – ‘Art Is A Tear Of Noise And Infinite Silence’ 2LP
Deluxe, full-color heavyweight gatefold jacket; 12″x24″ cover art painting by Roberto Opalio. “Clandestine auteurs the Opalio Brothers, Roberto and Maurizio Opalio (aka My Cat Is An Alien) have deftly sprinkled our solar system with their beautifully fragile, arcane soundscapes, as well as multimedia collaborations with vanguards such as Sonic Youth, Christian Marclay, Keiji Haino, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Jim O’Rourke, Mats Gustafsson and many more. They now present a new phase of their already-celebrated body of work by abandoning their signature guitars and “space toys” and swapping them for a new set of homemade string instruments and reassembled electronic devices. Roberto says: “Me and my brother decided to create a new beginning in sound: I started working with a totally new set of modified, de-constructed, electronic devices, while my brother self-made a peculiar double-bodied string instrument.” This double LP, made only with this new set of instruments, comprises seven instantaneous compositions, with neither overdubs nor outtakes.” *NOTE: An intentional locked groove was placed after A1 to bring the listener’s mind to reflect on the sense of the “Preludio,” the stylus will be locked after A1 until the listener moves it manually to A2 (the proper beginning of the work).


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