Constellation Tatsu

PURR 0016: Food Pyramid – ‘Live/Dead’
Live at the Bakken Museum of Electricity, Food Pyramid incants the freedom of Ash Ra Temple from the vertiginous crest of a great wave.  Their complimentary efforts echo and coalesce through the valleys below, waking forest life to a somnambulant rustle.

PURR 0017: Samantha Glass – ‘Rising Movements’
The abandoned lodge emerges from the dark, wet woods. It is warm and light inside – carpeted halls and wood banisters welcome your step, draw you deeper past branching rooms. What mysteries, forgotten treasure, and danger await within these decrepit walls?

PURR 0018: Mitchell Turner – ‘Cascades’
Spyglass renders telescopic visions generously spread – a fire on mountainous lands – a blurred image of star and planet.  Side to side guitar shines on pieces of crystal.

PURR 0019: EN/Jefre Cantu-Ledesma split
In preparation for their Japan tour with Grouper in April 2012, En (Maxwell August Croy & James Devane) defined the genesis for ‘Blood’. Upon returning home, ideas developed from their performances were fleshed out and a new organism birthed. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma was sent parts of the completed En track, which he used to create ‘Blood Variations’.


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