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Pacific Strings – ‘Woodgate Valley’ CS
CF is very pleased to announce the debut release from Berlin’s Pacific Strings, Woodgate Valley. Daniel John Boyle (UK), Florian Zeisig (GER) and Maggie Buck Armstrong (US) formed the band in early 2012, recording the eight song mini-album in a summer house on the Polish border after only a few months together. The three share vocals and instruments to create a sinuous, multi-layered yet accessible sound, a combination in their own words of ”pop obsession and new world atmospherics”. Woodgate Valley is available in a super limited cassette edition including download of all 8 tracks.  We have a handful left of the wonderful Thread Pulls You Melt Words\ 5/8 Rhythm Here, the Dublin experimentalist’s first new material since 2010’s New ThoughtsLP, available in a super limited edition of only 100 label-less 12″s. All records include two glossy photographs and download codes.

Champagne Diamond/The Brilliant Light LP
Back in 2007 we released a gem of an album by then Dublin based audio visual artists Nina Canell and Robin Watkins, Champagne Diamond/The Brilliant Light. The original edition came packaged in a unique embossed sleeve, these are long gone but we have just found a rare batch of long lost “rough diamonds” in plain black discobags which we are selling for a reduced price for a very limited time while stocks last. Integrating elements of traditional song, field recording and backwoods chant (Champagne Diamond, Fly the Radio Sky, Separate Members), alongside found-folk (Scatter & Yearn) and Music Concrete (Rot, Get Soft, Build & Leave) the six songs that constitute CHAMPAGNE DIAMOND can be considered as a self-contained piece, as with the three more expansive and improvisory spoken word/instrumental segments of THE BRILLIANT LIGHT, or taken together with the latter as two halves of one self-reflexive whole. Includes 320 kpbs MP3 download of full album for the first time.

Sea Pinks – ‘Freak Waves’ LP
Two years on from the garage fuzz of debut Youth Is Wasted (Japanese Knotweed), and following on from last year’s jangle pop mini-odyssey Dead Seas (Fountain Tesserae, Peripheral Vision), Freak Waves, the third album from Sea Pinks, is the fullest realisation of their sound so far. From pristine guitar pop (A Pattern Recognition, Shrinking Violet) to full-blooded brooding (False Spring, Subliminal Messaging) to the epic closer of the title track and all points in between, this is the band at their most dynamic. And while the songs seem to dwell on disillusion, broken communication, and ambivalence in general; the bright, buoyant melodies therein perform the perfect counterweight. This is classic sounding, bittersweet pop at it’s effortless best.  Available in a limited edition of 250 12″ LPs, including 320 kbps MP3 download of all ten tracks.


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