Teflon Beast

Netherverse/Gary Busdriver split $3
The latest musical adventure from Teflon Beast is a digital only album featuring two of the most eccentric acts on the label. Netherverse is a mysterious band whose origins date back almost twelve years to the suburbs of Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. The group held secret meetings to make films, write poetry, and record music at a furious, nearly weekly pace. Over the years Netherverse has had some nineteen members, but largely the group consisted of three or four main collaborators. Their names and biographies are a matter of some conjecture, but in the end creativity was their only unifying rule. They recorded nearly half a dozen complete albums in their time, yet not one is currently in print. Look for reissues coming soon. Gary Busdriver has had a busy 2012. He’s been trying different recording methods, different instrumentation, and different rooms all over Austin, TX to find his ultimate vision. His latest compositions are constructed around keyboard manipulations making for some very “out-there” electronic soundscapes. Busdriver’s currently recording and album of guitar improvisations…to be released spring 2013.


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