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PABLO CANALÍS – ‘Folclores Imaginarios’ 15€
Spanish bassist and precusionist Pablo Canalís presents his first solo album entitled “Folclores imaginarios” (Imaginary folklores). The CD includes 20 new tracks, over 60 minutes of music played with more than 50 instruments from the 5 continents. You may listen to very peculiar instrumentation such as a Japanese taishokoto, an Indian sitar, an udu from the Igbo ethnic group, angklungs from Java, an African kalimba or a Bolivian charango. This CD comes together with a 56 pages hardcover book (16×24 cm). It starts with a section that includes comments from the author to each CD track and an itemized list of the instrumentation used in each musical piece. A glossary of over 30 pages provides an explanation to several of those instruments: history, origin and organologic classification. The book includes colour pictures of instruments, collaborators and the author himself. Collaborators: Eduardo G. Salueña, Pedro A. Menchaca and Israel Sánchez (keyboard and guitar players in Senogul); Fran Molinero and Carlos Cantarero (guitar and keyboard players of Killing Zoe);  Ekaitz Imanol de Luis and Gustavo A. Rico (guitar/bagpipe player and singer of Soulworm respectively); José Luis Feijoo (charango and quenas in Kuntur Huasi); Guzmán Argüello (plays saxophone and flutes in different projects). John Falcone (bassoon and contrabassoon in the OSPA). Rocío Fernández (voice and accordion in Darbukka).

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