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Silent Land Time Machine – ‘I am no longer alone with myself and can only artificially recall the scary and beautiful feeling of solitude’ EP
Silent Land Time Machine’s latest work I am no longer alone with myself and can only artificially recall the scary and beautiful feeling of solitude speaks in an oneiric and numinous tongue but is replete with durability and coherence – a rare and intriguing mixture. There exist only subtle threads of aesthetic continuity from the artist’s debut &hope still (TIME-LAG Records), where guitar dominates in the main, with the music shifting its emphasis toward micro electronic assemblages – at times damaged, turbulent, and percussive, at others lulling, plaintive, and melodic – with naïve, organic, and lucidly processed string arrangements woven throughout. All this aesthetic revision is accomplished while increasing the breadth, accessibility, and emotional resonance of his sonic palette. The texture of SLTM’s EP is gentle-haze meets mechanical-grit, with lustrous swells, rapturous glitches, and clear but effaced tones guiding the listener through its ambitious harmonic and narrative arcs. The album’s emotive thrust, as its Brobdingnagian title suggests, is a palpable sense of longing. This music cuts to the heart of the tension between the vast, chaotic, terrifying, and fragmentary terrain of the spirit that subsumes the artist-at-work and the striving of the individual to reconcile his identity with the memory of a unitary and authentic peace. All of this and more pours out of this music, which, time and again, constructs scaffolding from sped-up and slowed-down self-generated samples and colorful acoustic tones. There is a depth of narrative arrangement and keen sense of how sonic elements relate to one another here that opens up pathways of communication, dimensions of integration to and from the listener, and confirms this album’s successes at translating the nuanced fluidity of dreams and hidden desires of the unconscious into potent orchestral miniatures. This collection of “songs” is not without a childish playfulness, Scandinavian darkness, and a tact and groove that is as uplifting and memorable as it is heart-rending, bewildering, and esoteric. Bedtime listening, yes, but more than that, tunes to frolic to and yearn with through the dream that is waking life.  180g Clear Vinyl / Edition of 500. Full color offset reverse-matte LP jackets – full-bleed B&W printed dust sleeves, full color LP stickers.


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