I Had An Accident

Babelfishh – ‘Howl Bender’ C32 $6
Howl Bender is the latest banging tape from Babelfishh’s warped and twisted thriller mind. The album’s movement masterfully follows a notebook style collage of beats and raging riffs of metal defiance with thunderous screams, field recordings, and flowing lyrical stylings. The most intriguing blend of hip hop and metal makes for an overtly stunning album. Howl Bender spits fire from the very beginning and does not let loose until the final note is slammed across the surface. Limited to 96 on rust orange cassettes and chrome tape.

Son Of A Bricklayer/Andrew Felix – ‘Aquatic/Forsaken Worship’ C21 $7
Son Of A Bricklayer and Andrew Felix contend one another in a rare complimentary split tape. Aquatic – the beat driven track of Son Of A Bricklayer lays intricate drum patterns with auditorial visualizations that produce the experience of being smashes with heavy waves like a boater lost at sea. Searching in a lost sea of unforgiveness – Son Of A Bricklayer produces sentimental remorse and tranquil inhibitions. Forsaken Worship the spiritual track of Andrew Felix resonates a trance like state of mind as the layered effects delicately carry the beats like waves across the calm ocean before the storm. The ebb and flow of sensual movement and spiritual calmness produce a meditative breathing exercise that eases the listening experience into a slumber. Limited to 100 on blue/yellow cassettes and chrome tape.

Blvck Ceiling – ‘B/\STI/\N’ C25 $6
Turn around, look at what you see. In her face, the mirror of your dreams. B/\STI/\N is Blvck Ceiling’s conceptual neverending story. Synth driven beats and freak effects B/\STI/\N produces absorbed psych thriller screams and shattered dreams of internal thunder. A tender dance of horrific witch wave and Neverending Story reverence. Limited to 99 on pink cassettes and chrome tape.

TEXTBEAK – N – TNDROND – ‘The Spirit Of Opposition’ C48 $6
Featuring the self-proclaimed cult THE NEW DEAL REPRESENTATIVES OV NORTHERN DISCO (TNDROND), TEXTBEAK produces mayhem drag disco, flowing beats and chaotic grind with the collaborative assistance of DEFA and VOCTAVE. The evil noise pumps vile sounds deep within the ear canal. A deliberate attempt to produce chilling industrial soundscapes with throbbing noise beats like showing up to a costume party for the dead. The Spirit Of Opposition continues the dark dreaded disco sounds of TEXTBEAK. Featured remixes by NATTYMARI and Adam Boose (of Brandtson/Swarm of Bats/Furnace Street). Limited to 50 on orange cassettes and chrome tape.

Julia LaDense – ‘Pussy Willow’ c44 $5
Developing a different style of found sound and myspace DJ style, Pussy Willow was Julia LaDense’s first album release. Pussy Willow is a display of anti-art and 90’s pop culture. With a sabatoge of existing elements of the grunge and punk scene and deconstructed found sounds, the album intertwines raw noise and remixes – a style Julia has continued to develop over the past 4 years. Deciding to follow her own revelations, Julia has created a cult following. Repress limited to 8 copies on purple tint tapes.


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