Deathbomb Arc

ALPHABETS – ‘Sweatbee: Dance Mix’ C34
To those in the know, Denver’s Alphabets have been true stars for a
long time now. Dedicated to minimalism, these beats have a poetry to
them that comes from never quite lodging themselves in atypical 4 to
the floor techno. An obsession with marimba-like timbres and rhythms
that swing just as much as they drive, Alphabets is able to do what
true minimalism should: Open up grand spaces, worthy of lengthy
exploration. And don’t let the “dancemix” title fool you. This is all
100% amazing original music.

YOLA FATOUSH – ‘Thugs Intro, Dreamland Wakes’ C30
London’s Yola Fatoush bring lush soul to their raw, DIY beats through
their elegant and powerful voices. Catchy dreamlike harmonies truly
take their glitchy electronics and make them soar. The results
certainly are catchy pop music, but their methods of getting there are
truly unique. Masterful song crafting allows them to inject some very
“out” ideas into the mix while never feeling esoteric. Just beautiful
in a truly alien way. Their take on contemporary urban styles is akin
to Pet Shop Boys work in the 80s/90s.

CLIPPING – ‘Untitled’ C10
Debut physical release from LA’s Clipping, featuring Jonathan Snipes
of Captain Ahab and William Hutson of Rale on electronics, with rapper
Daveed Diggs fronting the band. Their deep and experienced
understanding of both hip hop and harsh noise lets them explore new
territories of sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard. We guarentee
it. All cassettes are pro-dubbed with silkscreened art on the shells.


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