Teflon Beast

Gary Busdriver – ‘Scraps!’ EP
TBR is pleased to share Scraps!, the latest EP by sound artist Gary Busdriver. Busdriver’s music this trip is made up of two previously released compilation cuts (“Locale Parlance” from Austin, TX’s Instincto Records double CD set Austin Noise and “Trailer Food Heartburn” from bang the bore’s community’s [bangthebore.org] Here album) and three experiments that have gone homeless since their composition over the last eight months. “Scuzz McTell” is Busdriver’s first ever-vocal recording. It’s a more or less straight Stooges-esque fuzz rocker given over to apathy and overdrive. “Don Giovanni” is Mozart manipulation as only Gary could construct and weirdest of all is “Free Jass” which takes recordings by Daily Brothers at their jazz influenced moments and reconstructs several samples into a collage of free “jazz.” Don’t miss a freaking minute!


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