NNA Tapes

NNA046: Le Révélateur – ‘Horizon Fears’ C22
Following up stellar releases on the Root Strata and Gneiss Things labels, Montréal, Quebec music veteran Roger Tellier-Craig offers us his latest collection of crystalline electronics as Le Révélateur. “Horizon Fears” explores virtual settings through highly evocative and sparkling hi-fi electronics, spanning a wide array of moods and themes. Always a dedicated purist, Tellier-Craig specializes in assembling pulsing electronics and inventive melodies as interlocking parts, creating a colorful and highly visual grid of fine-tuned pieces that operate flawlessly as a whole.

NNA047: Freddy Ruppert – ‘Wait’ C20
Deviating stylistically from his previous work with Former Ghosts and This Song Is A Mess And So Am I, Los Angeles-based musician Freddy Ruppert has constructed a forboding collage of churning industrial soundscapes. “Wait” is a highly personal collection of deliberately anti-climactic processed acoustics, from glassy piano fragments to deep, rumbling bells. While remaining bestial and dark, the sounds on “Wait” retain an emotionally complex and organic energy; a calculated exercise in tension and restraint, existing intimately in a place of no resolution.

NNA048: PHORK – ‘Discrepancies’ C50
NNA is proud to present “Discrepancies”, the latest full-length from the People’s Higher Order of Royal Kinship. Neal Reinalda has created a highly unique strain of surrealist techno collage using a high brow palette of sound that borrows not only from traditional electronic dance music, but also from another place entirely… sounds that are perplexing as they are refreshing, familiar as they are understated. Field recordings and other naturally-occurring sonics find their place comfortably amongst delicate, watery rhythms and painterly percussion, all wrapped up in a pop art sensibility.


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