Chaos, Sex and Death

CSD06: D//VV/D – ‘Terminal’ C25 4€
The modern consumers of the 21st century lie burning on terminal beaches. Their lives, both entropic and phantasmal, are haunted by the dismembered recollections of television sex scenes… Four slabs of brutalist post-industrial drone and collapsed tekno, featuring: cold synths, dissonance, skittering rhythms and an endless nightmare haze of dissipated theory and dystopian dreams. Tape hiss and digital distortion compete with noise and atrophied bass to produce the ghosts of pop songs. D//VV/D reflects on the combustible hopes and blank-eyed horrors of the 21stcentury. Cars crash and bodies explode while an old Huggy Bear tape unfurls in the shadow of a wrecked tower block. Limited to 25 copies on black cassette in library case with hand-printed label.


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