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[mn035] Stelladrine – ‘Ancient Mechanical Grace’ CD
Erratic mental states as patterns of spiritual revelation. Drunken hovercab rides home at 2 AM. Sentimental collapse on an Alphane Moon. Goodbye messages recorded during failed atmospheric re-entry. Stelladrine’s new album goes to what the project owes its very name to, Philip K. Dick’s “Our Friends from Frolix 8”, and stacks a selection of the author’s bibliography on top of it as primordial fuel for these 12 tracks. The collage-heavy and sample-driven nature of past albums gives way here to lush synthesizer pads, arpeggiated chords and deep drones influenced by 70’s and 80’s sci-fi synth soundtracks but informed by the sonic experimentations of Andrew Lagowski’s S.E.T.I and Bad Sector. Artwork kindly provided by the ever reliable STPo. The limited CD edition of 200 copies will be out in September / October 2012.


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