Sloow Tapes

Allen Ginsberg/Peter Orlovsky/Steven Taylor/Harry Hoogstraten – ‘De Leeuwerik 1979’ C95
1979 performance of Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Steven Taylor and Harry Hoogstraten recorded live at De Leeuwerik, a small bar in Eindhoven (Holland). Everyone takes turn reading poems and singing songs accompanied by harmonium, percussion and guitar. The set starts with Ginsberg’s ‘Plutonian Ode’ and ends with a wasted ‘Copulation Blues’. Orlovsky reads extracts from ‘Clean Asshole Poems and Smiling Vegetable Songs’, Hoogstraten from his book ‘Boxing Days’. Awesome archival find that has been gathering dust on Hoogstraten’s shelf for more than 30 years. Hoogstraten is a Dutch poet and visual artist who was one of the people behind the One World Poetry festivals and editor of the literary underground magazine Mandala. 200 copies.

Innercity – ‘A Minor Prince’ C66
Mind-altering trip of utopian electronics: a joyous lofi wormhole of kraut and new age fractals reflecting in the multi-dimensional waters of No Mind Pond. Weird loops and minimal synth as the alpha and omega of hallucinating dreamtime bliss. 60 copies.

Bul-Bul Tarang Gang – ‘Kali’ C60
Spiritual charged improvisations on dholak, harmonium, bass, lots of percussion and Ravi Padmanabha on bul-bul tarang. Padmanabha might be best known as percussionist in his post-Interstellar Space duo with Steve Baczkowski, but he also played with the likes of Willam Parker, Peter Kowald, Pauline Oliveros and Daniel Carter. The recordings on ‘Kali’ are dreamlike raga infused meditations on the wild Indian goddess who roams the cremation grounds at night surrounded by jackals and goblins. 100 copies.


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