Passive Aggressive

PASS1 – C.T.A.N – ‘Broken’
Our debut release from a label born to explore electronic music, limited to 100 copies on funky green tapes. Also the first for UK based noise/experimental producer C.T.A.N. Across this cassette, a collection of sorts taking pieces C.T.A.N produced separately from mid-2010 onwards (before Passive Aggressive and its concepts were founded), he takes shades of drone and dark ambient along with social commentary and urban beats with an overall disregard for structure, blending them into a chaotic (at times, perhaps melancholy) final product. These influences vary from tune to tune, with C.T.A.N’s long-time interests in breakbeat and dance music appearing more evident in the beat-driven “Love Constitutes Conformity” and “In Your Head”, their damaged flow saving them from ever being understood on a dancefloor, whilst the darker side of his musical mind takes priority in “Chronic” the most, scarce of much more than screams and contemplative synthesized grunts.


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