Potier. – ‘Ductile’ [Review]

Nearly a year between appearances, Edmonton’s Michael Toepfer returns with another Potier. tape.  Titled ‘Ductile’, this relatively-brief cassette demonstrates well the live performance of Noise, not only through the intense energy peaks of Toepfer’s last endeavor, but with the additional dynamics of practice – the setup, the fondling, the ambiguity; here complimented by additional materials like wood and metals sniffed-out by contact mics.  The punchy angles are still there, repeating the arrhythmic outburst of frustration which is the driving force of Harsh Noise, but the finer-tunings around the edges have allowed in a more qualified contrast across each side (the “duct” of the title: pores, vents and gills), no matter the levels, indicating a more meditative and efficient performance overall.  Edition of 50 copies.

Ramshackle Day Parade C16

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