I Had An Accident

DenMother– ‘Insides Out’ C31 $7
Dark anthems of tortured beats drenched in loneliness and lost within the rhythm of cascading vocals. Insides Out has a languid movement of heaviness and disdain. DenMother creates darkness with chanting vocals echoing deep within the soul, wet and heavy. Limited to 16 on flo orange tint cassettes and chrome tape.

Julia LaDense – ‘Destinations’ C44 $5
Julia LaDense presents Destinations… a series of soundscapes that bridge pure beauty with blissful experimentation. A rare stretch from the more harsh side of this soccer mom – Destinations is relaxing and at times breathtaking. Originally released on Revolving Door Records as a free digital release, the tape version features an alternate track listing and beautiful artwork. Limited to 18 on clear/black liner cassettes and chrome tape.

Sam Hatzaras (Ectoplasm) – ‘2007 – 2012’ C32 $5
Sam Hatzaras is a creator. His latest release spotlights a solid career of the last five years. His best material that spans across different musical projects and experimental collaborations. A noteworthy remixer and a unique sound creator. Hatzaras isolates the sentiment of each track and pulls on the delicate strings that hold together soothing tones and blended beats. A mixologist that creates from the heart. Limited to 30 on yellow cassettes and chrome tape.


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