Bre’r – ‘OLSB Music No.1’ [Review]

Titled like a prescription drug, ‘OLSB Music No.1’ is my first encounter with Bre’r (Darren Fisher), an Oakland musician of Anticon association who produces therapeutic, Kranky-style drones.  Affecting even the same font on offset of the most recent Tim Hecker release, and beyond the Stars of the Lid title, Fisher captures well the overcast and glassy swell of early Growing, pairing long tones and brilliant flutter.  Deep, E-bowed buzz rattles tintinabular clatter like wind chimes on the bluster, halted only briefly by the pure tonality of “Big Fashion”, itself a vortex leading out of the soundtrack work Kranky responds to, and into the modern synthesizer work liquidating such houses of drone.   With impressionistic half-thoughts for titles (“Old Marriage”, “Fitness Beacon”, “Same Choir”), and enough variation and development in each track to make this C30 an album rather than formal “pieces”, he’s really gotten a pitch-perfect account of that fading, peaceable kingdom.  Labeled tapes come in glossy j-card, 100 copies.  Recommended.

((Cave)) Recordings C30

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