I Had An Accident

Sao with Blood Blood – ‘Hollow Earth’ C40 $5
A relaxing hum of ambient sound. The buzzing of the air conditioner, the languid movement of the drapes in the summer’s wind coming through the screen door, breezing across your cool wet skin. The tender vibes of a surreal summer’s passing. Sao produces a sentiment of nostalgia and lost adornment. A combined presence of Blood Blood rounds out the album and adds a delicate texture of soothing sounds and harsh coolness. Limited to 26.

FRKSE – ‘Scholar Drugs’ C32 $5
Scholar Drugs is the minimalist production of the grinding sounds by FRKSE. Tortured drum machine powered onto a 5-track with drones and synth. A deliberate mindfuck – a psychological thriller. Bitter doom set upon a tortured soul. Each tape comes with a one of a kind J-Cards, artwork by FINAL CHURCH.  Limited to 41.

Ops Esponja/Pocket Change – ‘Infected with Desire’ C40 $5
The sounds from the dismay basement somewhere in a sordid plain that is infected with desire. Between the upfront found sounds processed into head bumping beats to the done being shy sex sounds of Pocket Change comes sounds of beautiful strange art. Ops Esponja creates textures of beats and backing sounds that carry his own expression of furrowed sorrow. Pocket Change bares a strange fruit of bizarre beats and “I’m on drugs” sexy vocals. Moments of almost creepy but twisted pop sounds similar to losing your virginity and realizing that there is blood on the mattress.  Limited to 50

Heart Heart Julia’s The Astorians C62 $5
A surreal experience of abstract guitar methods and strange vocal hummings paired nicely with field recordings is The Astorians.  Heart felt lyrics and very dark basement dreary sounds.  Limited to 6.


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