Full of Nothing

fon38 – Woodpecker Wooliams and Golden Cup meet Love Cult – ‘In Russia’ C30 $9.5
In April 2011 Full of Nothing proudly presented an original Russian tour of 3 projects from different pockets of the world: Woodpecker Wooliams, UK femme-folk experimentalist; Golden Cup, Italian psychedelic guru, 8mm Records boss and ex-Jooklo member and Love Cult, label’s very own hypnotic family duo. The company played unforgettable shows in Moscow, Saransk and Saint Petersburg, as well as continued to The Baltics. This release captures the unexpected collective improvisations from Saransk and Saint Petersburg. Wild, ecstatic weirdo soundscapes relying solely on intuition, sensation, culture shock and friendship. Sonic celebration of the new and strange, sleeper trains, Russian soul and maybe vodka. White cassettes in soft cases with full-colour J-cards filled with photos by Gemma Williams. Edition of 100.

fon32 – Hakobune – ‘Recalling Your Ghostly Thoughts’ C49 $9.5
Hakobune is a guitar soundscape project from Kyoto, Japan. Takahiro Yorifuji has been putting out sedative sonic bubbles for some time now with highlights on such labels as Install, Cassuana, Hibernate and Avant Archive. “Recalling Your Ghostly Thoughts” in a way is a follow-up to Hakobune’s recent LP “Recalling My Insubstantial Thoughts” on Tobira. 48 minutes of enchanting tiny movements: organic, elegant, warm. Blurry guitar naturalism with Japanese precision. White cassettes with full-colour J-cards designed by Anya Kuts in soft cases. Edition of 40.


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