Foot Ox – ‘Music Without Words’ cassette
After three full-length albums that collected a wide array of players and instrumentation, Teague Cullen has created his fourth album entirely on his own. However, that’s not the only difference that seperates this record from the others. Not only is this record an exploration into a variety of new sounds, but it contains a quality that sets it apart from most records made today – and that is that it wasn’t created with the intention of anyone hearing it. Created while listening to a lot of TLC and various pop music from India, and containing a mix of vocal and instrumental songs, including a song made entirely of of field recordings of plants (though you wouldn’t know that by hearing it), this record has a unique charm and holds a warm feeling of selflessness. Limited to a hundred pro-duplicated and imprinted cassettes, with unique hand-painted covers by Teague Cullen.


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