Eolomea – ‘Eolomea’ [Review]

Eolomea, the black metal Patty Waters, made a self-titled tape capturing a similar horror film of the prolific Black Swan releases – not to mention the sound of his filmy surface – set in icy tones and melodramatic intensity.  The duo is David Reed on synthesizers and Andre Foisy on guitar.  The open space of these rhythmless compositions allows Foisy to play with form as he continues the heavy effects (mostly air, but sometimes earth) of his Locrian day job.  This brings out the Reed of Luasa Raelon more than Envenomist, trading dull pulses for singing organ tones, generating fantasy mise-en-scene that is inherently hostile to the default human worlds of rock music.  The two modes persist in a subtle patchwork (best heard through headphones) across the three tracks, which, despite evocative titles – “Sootfall and Fallout”, “Ordovician”, and “Seven Before the Throne” – appear a series of variations on Foisy’s guitar themes, which at their best appear heavily, if hastily, erased.  C40 with repeating programs, 100 copies.

Brave Mysteries cassette

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