Faulkner Tapes

Karnak Temples/Rogue Cop – ‘Guitars with No Draw’ C25 $5
Release description: “Will you be down with this pairing of Seattle’s eminent solo-guitar sprawler and most fanatical solo-guitar brawler? Karnak the Magnificent channels the still-living spirit of Morricone (how does he do that?) into his deep, deep zones, cranking the trance-inducement to 11. Rogue Cop has no time for subtlety. He makes the rules up as he goes, often gashing foreheads open with his headstock and jabbing out eyes with his whammy bar; sometimes you gotta break the law to enforce the law. No one in this town ever wants to see these guys play. No venue will take the chance on such dangerous minds. You can’t imagine how many times each of these guys has been told “you’ll never play this town again!” Not like anyone cares though. They have no draw. Originally dubbed to be sold locally to raise a few dollars to get Karnak’s label Eiderdown Records off and running last year, a few copies are now available for mass consumption.”


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