Padang Food Tigers – ‘Ready Country Nimbus’ LP
Warm… Embracing… Nostalgic… Emotive.  A few words to describe the indefinable, thrown into the wind to pin the immersive atmospheres located within the wax of Padang Food Tigers’ (ex-drone folk heroes, Ramses III) new album, Ready Country Nimbus.  Comparable to feathers floaing in the breeze, this London-based duo (Stephen Lewis and Spencer Grady) make their gentle passage via sublime vignettes to set up residence in pastures new.  Theirs is the sound of dirt and cobwebs being swept from the corners of childhood memories.  The world weeps tears of knowledge, comfort, concentration, enlightenment, while handing flowers to a parade of beautiful women. Ready Country Nimbus is an emotional sepia-tinged blend of tones, gospel, and spirit.  It’s more than music, it’s a swelling presence.  It’s inflated poetry, bent and focused through the necks of guitars, banjos and nature.  It’s kind of holy. Padang Food Tigers don’t really write songs, they render the fabric from the air itself, and craft it into immense works of yonder.  We’ve tried to put into words; we’re damned for even trying.  Put the record on, immerse yourself in it.  Free yourself of the irritation of gravity, and find the sense to wander freely into the magical realms this album creates.  Everything after will come back into focus at the right time and place, but for the time you suspend yourself in their work, the world will taste a bit different, the edges slightly blurred, and beauty will reign.  Take a trip.  Find the gold.


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