Number None – ‘Strategies Against Agriculture’ [Review]

After a long hiatus from their Number None collaboration, Chicago’s Chris Miller and Jeremy Bushnell return with ‘Strategies Against Agriculture’.  The ironic play on the Einstürzende Neubauten title is not pure comedy when considered on the spectrum amidst Wolves in the Throneroom’s primitivist screed against GMO wheat, ‘Malevolent Grain,’ and the Jared Diamond quote inside the fold of the J-card; nor is the tone of the side-long tape, a blending of their former cyber-hardcore aesthetic with the usurpation of Locrian’s black metal sensibilities, occultist visions, and over-driven sound fields.  “Vile Gnarl,” the introduction and case-in-point, swarms with guitar feedback, and races with bands of lowered-frequency groan under the weight of this dense accumulation.  The compositions remain familiar to the classic Null setup: canvas stretched tight of longform drone-noise; the motoric churn of “ID-vision” condensates like a Daniel Menche symphony without ever breaking the fever; the simultaneous deathtone/firestorm “Viagra/Lunesta” achieves a binaural tension, stretching the listener between alchemy-induced modes of staying up; “KKKamera”, whatever the reference, clinches the loathsome locks dreaded through these four tracks, moaning rhythmically, amid industrial churn and the golden silt of sharply-pitched oscillations.  An understated and contiguous comeback.  On pro-pressed tapes with glossy, full-color insert.  100 copies.

Land of Decay cassette

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