Talking Helps

WaMü – ‘Viafuckt’ cassette
Viafuckt, a limited cassette release (150 copies) from improv punk band WaMu, is now available on Talking Helps Records! Clocking in just under 25 minutes, this is the debut release from the Seattle four-piece bent on aural destruction. Bringing spontaneity to sound, WaMu’s music straddles the fence of deliberation, leaving the listener always with the question: “Did they mean to do that?” The inception of the cacophony saw Eric Ostrowski, once half of the NW noise duo Noggin and accomplished solo violinist and filmmaker, joining forces with Garrett Kelly and Rachel LeBlanc, the masterminds behind Seattle’s self-declared worst band My Printer Broke,. Brittnie Fuller, and her unrelenting sax, joined shortly after to complete the band’s “shrillwave” sound. Viafuckt was recorded live at Hollow Earth Radio. The band has no written material, but nevertheless, a concept album has emerged from the rubble. These songs will rattle your bones with Seattle’s shitty Viaduct deconstruction, the cryptic death of Princess Diana, and the mythology of the goddess Artemis. Stuff that in your mugwort pipe and skronk it.


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