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The N.E.C. – ‘Six b/w Popsicle’ 7″
33 rpm, 7”, 100 black vinyl, screen printed art. Atlanta’s Natural Extension Concept (The N.E.C.) play dynamic, driving psychedelic rock on their latest single, the lead track of their forthcoming LP, Last Point of Radiation. “Six” is loud, focused, and noisy, as The N.E.C. pummel your ears with a relentless riff. Truly a monolithic sound, the band unify to drive their parts into oblivion. The exclusive B-side, “Popsicle,” yields burned-out sunshine pop, equal parts soul and debauchery. With this flip, The N.E.C. maintain soulful rhythms with a catchy anthem alongside their noisy lead cut. Screenprinted art ensures that each single is a unique artifact for the listener.


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