Lost Treasures Of The Underworld

colored, Ltd.287  Ramona Ponzini (Painting Petals On Planet Ghost, Z’ev, Ankoku) – Japanese bells & wind chimes, shion, vocals. Roberto Opalio (My Cat Is An Alien) – vocalizations, all effects, mini-keyboard, bodhran drum.  ‘INWARD EYE’ is the fourth album by PRAXINOSCOPE, recorded by Roberto Opalio at My Cat Is An Alien’s private studio in Western Alps, during the long cold winter 2008. The work, investigated by Ken Hollings while writing MCIAA’s cover article for the Wire, was therein presented: “As if powered by primordial forces, MCIAA’s homemade universe continues to expand. You get the impression they really do dedicate all their time to their art. More ambitious still are their collaborations with Ramona Ponzini, who was for many years MCIAA’s manager before she took up a full-time study of Japanese language and poetry at the university in Turin. Either working with both brothers as Painting Petals On Planet Ghost or with Roberto alone as PRAXINOSCOPE, Ramona brings a refined physicality to MCIAA’s alien cosmology. Her study of Japanese literature from the Heian Period, which corresponds roughly to the European Middle Ages, relates closely to their preoccupations with change and disappearance. ‘INWARD EYE’ brings this connection closer still.  The edition is limited to 287 and vinyl comes in three different colors: marble orange, marble white, and black. The record is housed in a 12” cloth bag, with front, back and inner fully screen-printed with artwork reproducing a painting by Roberto Opalio. Secret messages are written between the grooves and both sides’ center labels, that feature mysterious, full-color portraits of Ramona and Roberto respectively on each side. Each copy hand-numbered and hand-stamped, reporting the exact date of printing.


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