Green Records & Tapes

GR211: Idle Hour – ‘Full On Idle’ C30 $5
Newest recordings of this bedroom duo. A huge pile a circuit bent keyboard sludge and tape loops was mixed live to stereo, and then further deconstructed for a slow-moving electronic confusion mix on side B. Edition of 20 copies with xerox art.

GR213: Kommissar Hjuler – ‘Separationsaengste’ C30 $5
Solo organic recordings of this German dada/fluxus madman. Extremely personal, minimal, and alarming tracks of someone flattening their frustrations. Sounds like a normal day around the Hjuler household. Edition of 30 copies with xerox art.

GR214: The Brides Wore Blood C90 $5
Four girls, potential brides of a man of evil mystery are lured into a night of terror. Three of them meet violent deaths. And the remaining one is imprisoned in the dark mansion and chosen to be the bride – a fate worse than death. She finally escapes – fated to become the mother of a future vampire. “Sometimes Death Is The Easy Way Out”. Transferred from VHS direct to cassette. Edition of 20 copies with xerox art.

GR215: Lidless Eye – ‘Sand Sickness’ C30 $5
Weird fractured rhythms and slow crawling circuits make up this strange landscape – recorded live to cassette from synths, tapes, and rewired electronics. Sounds like a hallucination from the desert. Check out a live version on the M.U.G. Live CD-R released on Michigan Underground Group. Edition of 20 copies with xerox art.

GR216: Powerless – ‘Crisis Orbit’ C20 $5
Malfunctioning synths and homemade circuit manipulation recorded live to 2 track cassette. Tapes created by damaged electronics to be sent into space. Edition of 20 copies with xerox art.

GR217: Violent Mood Swings zine + CDr $7
Audible mental terror via field recordings heavily bathed in bad days. Sounds created 2006-2011. Comes with an full size 10 page xerox zine of recent visual confusion. Edition of 20 copies.

GR218: 1%er – ‘Tomorrow Will Be Worse’ C32 $5
The first new recordings in nearly a year find this duo in deep synth territory. Minimal thuds and transmissions slowly transform into a dark, murky ground of electronic waste. Recorded live to tape at the Michigan Underground Group. Edition of 20 copies with xerox art.


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