Upside Down

SEA DWELLER – ‘Signs of a perfect disaster’ LP 14€
Signs of a perfect disaster is the new album from SEA DWELLER follow up to the collection of eps Love is coming published on the german label 2&1 records. The band has taken its time to refine their sound and gives light to a labyrinth of melodies made of reverb and delay. The new album shows a new side from the previous shoegaze influenced music, experimenting with synthethic rhytms that give a new tone to the psychedelic and dreamy sound of the band. Valve saturation, delay feedback loops, spring reverbs, back to the future ALESIS HR-16 drumcomputer, old CRUMAR synthesizers and haunting vocals; the result is a collection of immediate and dizzy melodies where you can get lost for 30 minutes. The band has toured with The Victorian English Gentlemens Club and Asobi Seksu, shared the stage with Spotlight Kid, Gregor Sams and APSE among the others, and worked on solo projects (My Violent Ego, HERBAL RESEARCH, Telepathics).  LIMITED EDITION 300 copies on ACID YELLOW VINYL.

NASTRO – ‘300mq’ LP 14€
300 MQ is the second album from NASTRO- 300 mq is the size of NASTRO’s recordings studio where they have recorded the album and which they had to tear down with their bare hands after finishing the recordings as part of the contractual obligations.  Behind 300mq (300 squared meters) there are 12 months or recordings, sonic reworkings, played percusions, than dismembered and reassembled, a carefull work of sampling and audio architecture.  A frantic mix of electronic synthesis and acoustic, each element is an instable piece, psichedelia of a future and yet past era, crazy machines repeating themselves always the same and always different. Two long sides where extract several film themes if today’s cinema would follow the pace of tomorrow.  NASTRO is a duo composed by Manuel Cascone, producer and musician based in Rome (see also Laser Tag, Cascao & Lady Maru) and Francesco Petricca (see also TELEfonoBALAfono, Oblomov). LIMITED EDITION 12“ VINYL 100 COPIES IN DIE-CUT COVER.


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