Black cassette – clear flexy polycase – cover printed on Risograph – blue/orange fluo.  artwork by CANEDICODA.  Magic Towers is a duo born in Vittorio Veneto and active from summer 2010: two nomad and egocentric knights. They use synths, delays, tape echoes and space sounds in order to compose or improvise ambient and delayed atmospheres and trips. The project is based on the inner observation and the visual contemplation of the sound. The image of the Tower – connected on one hand with the journey, the passage and the transit, on the other with the static position – reflects the attitude of MT: an observer looking for the right observation point. Space ambients, rhythms from the deep, melodic inserts and an evil beat out: in contemplation of the immense Void. N4: recorded in Milano during the All Soul’s Day 2011. It’s the fourth part of the “Magic Trips” series.


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