ST03 – Fains [i]s/t[/i] C30
Limited Edition of 60. Originally imagined as miniatures. These 12 short but sweet compositions by Scotty Griffith cross any number of genres without settling to any certain one. Griffith has a knack for creating short epics without sounding like fragments of longer pieces. Gorgeous lush electronics sparse beats and playful melodies, rumbling bass and some hints of guitar and zither. At times beautifully haunting and masterfully executed without ever feeling rushed. Tracks like “I Was And You Were” become very hard to decipher what instruments or machines are being used to create the sounds. The only way I could describe it is if a robot were playing a soulful Scottish ballad on some sort of broken futuristic-electronic bagpipes. Pretty amazing.  LISTEN

ST04 – Mohawk Park – ‘Ungeometric Circuit’ C30
Limited Edition of 60. I’ve stopped keeping count as far as Brad Rose projects go. And it doesn’t matter. They’re all different and exciting; if Rose were a porn starlet, he’d be a classic, able to reinvent even as the business changes. Dylan Aycock would be his worthy director (the last name… fitting). Their tandem outfit, Mohawk Park, has certainly amassed the equivalent of a longevity boner with Ungeometric Circuit. The sexual grind of a dark room, punctuated by the foreplay before bed springs jolt alive in symmetrical spurts, the start up and slow down of “The Future Was” projecting dirty images into the untapped imagination. “Vanilla Spiderwebs” provides the apropos cool down after the filthy first half. The post-coital deep slumber of “Defense Mechanism” locks the eyelids for Sandman replays of the raw footage. A quarterback’s gotta keep in game shape; Rose and Aycock remain as limber and unpredictable as they cum. LISTEN

ST05 – Devin Dart – ‘Mint Spring Silver’ C40
Limited Edition of 30. Shimmery. Straight Glistn’n. Upliftin! This tape is really good to listen to. Seriously. This music makes me really happy. After numerous uber awesome CDrs and cassettes over the past few years from his Felt Cat label, Devin Dart puts down this jazz-punk sci-fi improv 40 min plastic capsule of magic. and in such short run you bettter getch’r one. Cover art by Daniel Sutliff. LISTEN


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