Green Records & Tapes

GR200: 1%er – ‘Heavy Speed’ boxset $12
Andrew Coltrane/Knox Mitchell duo. 2 C30s of harsh and loud electronic basement noise, and 1 CD of tape collabs with material recorded 2000-2011. Recorded live to 4 track tape by Andrew Coltrane. Comes with a 6 page booklet, all packaged in a 5″ reel to reel box.

GR203: Orifice Of The Glass Oven C30 $4.5
Dark tracks recorded live to tape. The first and last recordings from this one man broken black metal unit. No real instruments, no lights, no clue. Xerox art.

GR205: Idle Hour – ‘The Spirit Moves Me’ C30 $4.5
One side of live to tape circuit bent experiments and tapes, one side of electro-acoustic sound mesh tape mix, flowing sounds pushed out from keyboard and chord organs. Idle Hour is Knox Mitchell and Christine Pennington. Xerox art.

GR206: Thom Elliott – ‘Live on the Radio’ C30 $4.5
Radios and other repurposed electronics from this Ypsilanti sound slayer recorded live on WSGR 91.3 in Port Huron, Michigan. Thom delivers a crackling, damaged electronics set live through the airwaves. Xerox art.

GR208: APF C20 $4.5
First tape from this relatively new male/female duo from Barcelona, Spain. Shrill performances of noise and piano with haunting vocals. Members of Indigents, Soup Horific, Nozone, etc. Xerox art.

GR209: Powerless C30 $4.5
New all synth unit. This tape is the first 4 track recordings, layered gross sounds pouring out like toxic slime. The slimes sometimes comes to a cohesive rhythm, but just as quickly falls back into a slimey mess. Xerox art.

GR210: Wired Jaw – ‘Vol. 1’ C90 + C60 $8
Two of Michigan’s most notorious underground sound freaks Anthony Miller (Mini-Systems, Maximum Cloud, HZMT) and Andrew Coltrane (Hermitage Tapes, Cold Turkey, etc.) joined their sick forces and synthesizers to create 2 and a half hours of fried electronic noise. Packaged in a butterfly 2 cassette case, xerox art.


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