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The Daily Brothers – ‘The Dream is Dead’ $7
The Daily Brothers are back! After a trilogy of “Method Dancing” EPs in 2011, the DBs second full length album is a real barnburner. Tightening the musical arrangements and refining songs to their absolute essentials, The Dream is Dead gives listeners the guitar focused songwriting of Jeff and Chris. The DBs still favor melodic pop, but by adding touches of electric Dylan and Darkness-era Springsteen organ to what was already a healthy Americana home studio rock combo, the DBs have recorded a near classic. From the fuzzed out R.E.M.esque rocker “Déjà vu” to the 70s vibe of “There She Sits” to the stunning instrumental cuts “Matt’s Song” and “Goodnight Intro,” The Dream is Dead has something for everybody. Edition of 100 cassettes.


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