Musica Moderna

MM001 STEFANO PILIA  – ‘Strings’ 12€
CD edition of 300.  A sublime constellation of sound miniatures divided into 3 long tracks (at once random and simultaneous) of delicate field recordings and found objects transformed and woven into intricate electronic tapestries, a slowly building “ambient” work with a unique sense of melancholy. Strings is a diary composition began in 2004, a series of subtle epiphanies followed by a somewhat enigmatic resolve or ‘answers’,  richly spacious explorations that appears suspended in time, with distant landscapes and hallucinogenic excursions into further uncharted territories. “My work has become progressevly concerned with the research of the sculputural dimensions of sound and it’s relations with space, memory and time suspension both through instrumental executional-experimental practices (mainly on guitar and dbass) and investigations into the recording and production process”.

MM004 NICOLA RATTI – ‘Cathode Deafness’ C22 6€
Edition of 100.  Two cathode ray tube televisions , a tape loop and an echo-looper pedal. The intent is to explore through the two televisions the emptied ether due to the shifting of the TV channels from the aerial signal to the digital . The CRT television becomes a deaf machine, an end in itself, a sort of “bachelor machine”. The recordings are the result of a series of live improvisations.


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