A Soundesign Recording

ASR079 Developer v. Moth Cock split C30 $6(US)/$8(World)
Versus Series II cassette nine: Dayton’s Matthew Reis (Factotum / Teeth Collection) masterfully mixes an all-out assault of harsh noise bursts and ambient interludes in this title-less gem from Developer. Then get your double dose of Ohio as Kent’s Moth Cock venture into celestial weirdness as only Doug and Pat can layering synth, clarinet and trumpet.

ASR080 Remnants v. Collapsed Arc split C30 $6(US)/$8(World)
Versus Series II cassette ten: This split offers an excellent juxtaposition of audio artworks as Ryan Marino (Imminent Frequencies) constructs a highly sophisticated drone rich with warm tone and texture backed with an A.D.D. composition of short loop pandemonium by Collapsed Arc.

ASR085 The David Russell Snake – ‘Futures EP’ CDr $6(US)/$8(World)
The Snake pays admission into the future with 9 new electronic / techno compositions. “Futures EP” presents a new direction for David Russell (Collapsed Arc / Jerk)… drum loops, bass beats and mayhem abound on this stunning 16 minute EP.


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