Wood Spider

Wood Spider cassette $6
Wood Spider is a self proclaimed Lo-fi New England Gothic Freak Folk Punk band. The album In The Thick of It is the newest and longest release. It begins with a folk punk-esque high energy song that leads into a dark manic song about growing up. Swimming Holes offers a break from the intensity with a dancy heavily textured song filled with ambiance and hopeful dynamics. Both Lonesome Shore and Shifting Gears take the album to a higher level of intensity with intricate lyrics dealing with personal feelings and political angst. The fast paced and heavy atmosphere created is then broken with Pen Pals a ragtime-esque fun song about sending letters! All in all this has been a long time of songwriting and practicing, with members from all over the United States the album grows in a wild direction drawing influence from a plethora of sources.  The release keeps up with the Wood Spider tradition of cassette releases with a creative hand crafted album, each release is unique and all hand put together by the band. Painted boxes with front and back photo prints. Stuffed with accordion fold insert and blue cassette. Every album bought comes with a surprise handful of goodies provided by the Spikedriver Arts Collective.


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