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HUMAN ADULT BAND – ‘Hearing Damage Sessions’ LP
It is simply no overstatement to say that Human Adult Band is carrying the same gunky, gnarly baton that’s been passed for decades from the Stooges to Flipper to the best of the early 90’s Sub Pop roster. And with that said, Hearing Damage Sessions is easily the Adult Band’s strongest single work, a diverse, cinematically-paced album that moves from out-of-time grunge dirges to free-form wah guitar wailing to claustrophobic acoustic guitar strumming.  While mere recorded sound can’t hope to fully convey the horror-core excitement of the group’s live show and Trevor Pennsylvania’s Sun Ra-in-a-baseball-cap stage presence, Hearing Damage Sessions comes about as close as sonically possible.  Edition of 500.  Silk Screened Jackets.


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