Moon Mist

EGG SAC – ‘lose it’ C30
a destructive mail collaboration with Tiger Hatchery. blown out distorted chaos for horns, drums, and strings. an irresponsible force far flung from free jazz banalities and shit constructs. noise birthed from the egg sac. MIST-6, edition of 30.

lines of playful repetition and organic morphing of minimal sounds blossom throughout this strange one-off tape from Peter Friel (young tapes, cloaked light) and his elusive and mysterious roommate Lewis. rhythmic soft techno from am stations that don’t exist. MIST-7, edition of 28.

DEREK ROGERS – ‘you were familiar i remember’ C30
introspective new full-length tape by Derek Rogers. deep loner/bedroom electronics, perfect for solo listening at full-volume. derek’s unique style leaves room for the listener to breathe, and hear each of the soft layers of electronics. sculptures of sound. MIST-8, edition of 30

MARINARA COOLER – ‘without it, i’m the same’ C30
creepy mail collaboration with Mike Haley (905 tapes, wether). garbage can industrial noises shuffle around, while painful tones grow and die. possible replacement for the C.H.U.D. soundtrack, if they add a Jamaican scene. MIST-9, edition of 30


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