Truco Espárrago

TR-011: GUR BRUO/JAZZNOIZE – ‘Tiempo de Reacción/Polirritmia Organizada’ CDr 5E
Gur Bruo is a duo formed by the electroacoustic/experimental composer Elías Merino (Madrid), and by Grassa Dato (Madrid), an individual project of saturated, aggressive and brilliant noise that has experienced an authentic creative emergence during 2011. In Gur Bruo, Elías Merino and Grassa Dato combine their talents to create dark atmospheres, industrial percussions, creaky frequencies and electroacoustic passages, in a highly conceptual, dense, and deep music.  “Tiempo de Reacción” is the only track of this work, an enigmatic piece based on “the period of time that comprehends the moment in which an external factor emits a stimulus, and the moment of collecting, perceiving and compressing it in human conscience, that acts as a mechanism in reaction to the stimuli, through intervals of interpretative impulses”.  For Gur Bruo, this instant is defined as “a kind of ephemeral personality that is created during some seconds of perception and interpretation, when the modified stimulus is forwarded, and immediately blurred away leaving its way to another new one”.  Jazznoize is the project that Sergio Sánchez (Murcia) maintains since the beginning of 2005. Its modus operandi is handling, in a more instinctive than academic way, sounds from field recordings, loops, samplers or sound errors. His work is based on the capture of recordings of the actual historic moment, that Sergio inevitably associates to protest and social commitment. Sound appears like a metaphor of mankind, which work transforms nature, environment and society.  Until now, there have been few occasions for Jazznoize to release in a physical format. “Polirritmia Organizada” is an extensive track in constant mutation, based, once more, in handling of familiar sounds that are returned to us as strange and fascinating.  A landscape based on communicative conventionalisms, that slowly evolves through different environments, cracklings and creaks. An invitation to rethink what routine shows as immovable.   “Tiempo de Reacción / Polirritmia Organizada” is a 2 track CDr with 45 minutes of sound, presented in a blue slimcase with an transparent insert.


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